Legal Interpreter Service

We handle all types of legal interpreting ensuring all required legal terminology and jargon is correctly interpreted and understood. Our qualified staff is made up of native speakers who understand the legal terminology involved on a global and local level.

Qualified legal interpreters in Phuket

We have qualified legal interpreters in all major practice areas. We offer personalised solutions from statement-taking to court hearings. We offer you the right interpreter for your case.

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  • Personalised solutions
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Why do you need a Legal Interpreter?

Legal interpretation errors in immigration interviews, courtroom proceedings, or corporate settings could put your visa application, client’s appeal, or corporate contract at risk.

Clear communication during a legal processes is essential – whether it’s in a meeting or in court. We have the experience to handle situations that could derail less qualified interpreters, and can adapt to any legal setting. We have built a team of top legal interpreters in Phuket. Their expert knowledge of legal vocabulary and unmatched experience in the field means that they can communicate effectively across any language barrier.